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Bonds trading

Fixed daily income
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Why you should trade bonds

Market Advantages

Accessible bonds

10 000

Trade 10,000 government and corporate bonds in Europe, the US, Asia, and the Middle East digitally.

Online bonds

6 000

Access 6,000 online bonds from your phone, tablet, laptop or multi-screen desktop.

Offline bonds

4 000

Experience direct access to more than 4,000 offline bonds from our advanced bond desk.

  • Follow your investing goals on your terms

  • The most competitive bonds commissions

  • Experience digital bond execution

Bond (fixed income investment) is a simple loan, a trader makes to a government, a government agency, or a corporation to finance projects and other needs. The bond issuer will pay a defined interest rate on the investment for the duration of the bond, and then give the original sum back at the end of the loan’s term.

As well as buying bonds during auspicious periods, traders can use financial derivatives to speculate on a bond’s market price.

The bond market is by far the largest securities market in the world, providing investors with virtually limitless investment options.

Trading bonds happens thousands of times a day and is an important part of global economic markets. The bond market is much bigger than the stock market and central banks conduct monetary policy in the bond markets. When buyers and sellers are trading their bonds, they dictate the yields of the various types of bonds they are trading. This in turn sets the price of credit in the economy.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How does bond trading work?

A bond’s end return is fixed, but the market conditions related to its sale can cause fluctuations in its price to buy. High interest rates tend to make bonds less attractive to investors by providing other means of attaining high returns with low risk. Thus, interest rates and bond prices tend to have an inverse relationship.

Why invest in bonds market?

No matter your goal is to vary your investments, save for the future, receive reliable income, or minimize taxes, fixed income investments should have a place in your portfolio.

What is the role of bonds in your portfolio?

Including bonds in an investment portfolio can help diversify the portfolio. In an effort to reduce the risk of low, or even negative returns on portfolios, many investors diversify among a wide variety of assets, from equities and bonds to commodities and alternative investments.