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Our customers’ feedbacks

TopTradeGroup appreciates honest and open feedbacks on our trading services from our clients. We check each positive and negative comment and process them all. If you were our customer and wrote a negative testimonial, we would certainly study your case and reply you in 24 hours.

TopTradeGroup is my number one choice right now and I have to let everyone know because the difference I’m experiencing is tremendous compared to my other broker. I opened my account and traded with no commissions and I like their low spreads especially on metals and energies. They also have binary which I have not tried but that is a nice bonus.

Zoye Kalass

I must say that I am satisfied with TopTradeGroup as my broker. I was initially skeptical of any broker not within my country because of the things that I have heard from a few other fellow traders. But I have made five-figure withdrawals twice from TopTradeGroup and I must say that I'm completely satisfied.

Leo Macharan

TopTradeGroup is one of the best brokers I've had the pleasure of opening an account with. Their customer support is one of the best out there and trading with this company has been a delight. Never seen any manipulation with prices or any wrong doing. I know quite a few traders in the community who have been using TopTradeGroup and they have never had any problems depositing or withdrawing.

Slava Belov

I have been trading with TopTradeGroup and it is my broker of choice. The customer service is one of the things I looked the most about them. The spreads that they give you are second to none and I'm sure you will not find a broker that give you lower. I always receive my money in a timely fashion when I withdraw.

Criss Binds

Truly pleased with TopTradeGroup. Outstanding customer service and a great sales department. Very kind, helpful, proper follow ups. Though I am not the largest or the most active client the firm has, I must say the trading platform has been working flawlessly.

Tina Stalovsky

It has been such a smooth and easy process for trading forex for me. The set-up process is simple, and quick! TopTradeGroup is on top of the verification process which allowed me to start trading in no time at all. My questions and concerns are answered back within 24 hours every single time, and always in a respectable manner.

Russell Grey

TopTradeGroup has got the instruments to develop as a trader and they definitely aim to be a long-term partner for their traders. I find some useful ideas here in their daily market reviews. No commissions, attractive spreads, - these are the quality marks of the brokerage. I get really nice Webtrader platform, with fast and reliable connection and therefore same executions. It really helped! So, I'm grateful this company for reliability and finally good results of my work on the charts.

Vlad Benin

I can't call this brokerage an outstanding. TopTradeGroup is reliable, withdrawals with no problems, tight spreads, no checks or other things that distract me. System works with no delays and I don't need nothing more. Support team is so kind and professional. By the way, if you seek for just good brokerage - TopTradeGroup will be good.

Antonia Lucio

The broker is rather interesting in terms of assets variety and executions speed. First, I didn’t expect much of their WebTrader app, but TopTradeGroup didn’t lie. You can scalp here and the speed of executions allows doing it with very few chances of significant slippage. Trading with TopTradeGroup seems to be really good. I'm in for 4 months and there was no occasion I can complain for. Just trading, no problems and that what I need.

Basil Tarnuso

I like speed of trade execution most of all, it's quite high. It's often annoying when the opening price of a trade is different from what you expected. So, with TopTradeGroup, I don't have almost anything like that, because the broker takes slippages quite seriously. I can say that this company managed to preserve the features of a classic broker that can provide access to the market and analysis tools.

Stephan Kopolus

It's so cool that the broker has no commission. That is, all deposits and withdrawals are as transparent as possible, and you deposit/receive exactly the amount you have to, without any fees. In general, I liked the broker's trading conditions, they're quite profitable. Of course, there were some disadvantages too, but it didn't spoil my trading.

Mohammad Emadi

I've been trading with TopTradeGroup not so long ago, but it has already made an impression on me. It is worth saying at once that a broker is quite "young" on the market, but it doesn't make it worse than its competitors. In fact, for me a broker is first of all a business partner who can provide me with the conditions that allow me to freely and smoothly manage my money and organize my trading. I think TopTradeGroup is a perfect balance between minimalism and functionality.

Vanessa Miller

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