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Details of trading global markets
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We are open to answer any of your questions!

What can you trade?

TopTradeGroup offers you over 180 financial instruments to trade, such as commodities, currencies, stocks, bonds, and options to trade.

How do you ensure the safety of my deposited funds?

We take security of client funds very seriously. That’s why, all client funds are fully segregated from the company’s own funds and kept in separate bank accounts. This ensures that client funds cannot be used for any other purpose.

Which markets can I trade with TopTradeGroup?

You can easily create a diversified portfolio when trading with TopTradeGroup. We offer more than 180 trading instruments across 6 asset classes: currencies, stocks, options, precious metals, energies and bonds.

What can I buy when investing with you?

In the financial world, it is called “contract for difference” (CFD). CFD Trading enables you to speculate on the rising or falling prices of global financial markets. In addition, you can profit even when markets go down.

How can I read a currency quote?

Currencies are traded in pairs, each being a combination of three letters. The first currency is the “base currency” and the second the “quote currency”. The currency pair shows how much of the quote currency we need to purchase one unit of the base currency. In pair EUR/USD the EUR is the base currency and the USD the quote currency. If EURUSD was trading at 1.1610, we would need to pay $1.1610 to buy 1€.

What is spread?

Spread is the difference between the ‘sell’ and ‘buy’ price of a financial instrument, and it is calculated in pips. There are two categories of spreads: fixed and floating. Fixed spreads do not change according to the market conditions and time of the day, whereas floating spreads are highly dependent on these two aforementioned factors.

What is an order?

An order refers to the action of entering or exiting a trade. There are 2 types of orders: Market orders and Pending orders.

What is a standard lot?

A lot is the amount of currency units you buy or sell. A standard lot equals to 100,000 currency units. You may also come across the terms mini and micro lots which equal to 10,000 and 1,000 currency units respectively.

What is a position?

When an order is placed, a position is created. A position means that you are exposed to a particular market and your profits or losses are highly dependent on the market fluctuations.

What is leverage?

Leverage is the instrument by which you can control a large amount of funds using a small deposit. For example, if your trading account has a 1:30 leverage, every 1 currency unit controls 30 units in the market. Assuming that you have $1000 in your account, 1:30 leverage would allow you to control a $30,000 position, magnifying your exposure and therefore the probability of profits or losses.

What is a margin?

A margin is a deposit required by a broker in order to keep clients’ positions open. A margin is usually expressed in percentage and equals the amount you wish to trade divided by the leverage. For example, if you are trading 100,000 currency units in EURUSD with 1:100 leverage, your required margin will be 1,000 currency units or 1%.

How long does it take for deposits to be credited?

Deposits in our clients’ accounts are credited instantly.

Can I request a withdrawal if I have open positions?

Withdrawal requests are processed by our team within 24 hours. The withdrawal completion depends on the payment provider that each client uses to complete the transfer.

What account types does TopTradeGroup offer?

TopTradeGroup offers 3 accounts, which can be used to trade more than 180 instruments across 6 asset classes. The TopTradeGroup accounts features give you the ability to perform manual, and automated trading via the same interface.

Can I lose more money than my initial deposit?

TopTradeGroup offers negative balance protection, so it is impossible to lose more than you deposited.

What are the advantages of trading with TopTradeGroup?

TopTradeGroup provides you with low spreads starting from 0.5 pips and ultra-fast execution speed of 0.15 second on average. Credit card deposits are processed instantly. We are proud that we have no restrictions on trading and no requotes.

How do I open a trading account online?

You can open a trading account by simply completing an online form – meaning that you can often start trading in minutes.

Is my personal information safe with you?

TopTradeGroup has taken all necessary precautionary measures to ensure that the personal details of our customers are held in absolute confidence and are securely stored so as not to be accessible by unauthorized persons. For more information, please view our Privacy Policy.

How to update my account details?

To change any of the registered personal details in your trading account, please contact us to explain the reason for this change and provide us with the relevant information, e.g., name change due to marriage, or change of residential address.