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Biden accuses Trump’s Pentagon and OMB of obstruction, demands cooperation with transition team

President-elect Joe Biden said Monday his transition team has run into “roadblocks” and “obstruction” from Trump administration leaders at key agencies, hindering the incoming administration’s efforts to prepare for the presidency. But one of those agency chiefs, acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller, pushed back on Biden’s critique, marking the latest row between President Donald Trump’s Pentagon and the president-elect. “The truth is, many of the agencies that are critical to our security have incurred enormous damage,” Biden said during remarks in Delaware following a briefing from his national security and foreign policy agency review teams. “Many of them have been hollowed out, in...

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Did You Miss Out on Vacation This Year? You’re Not Alone

In a typical year, New York employees of the magazine publisher Condé Nast must use their vacation days before late December or lose them — a common policy across corporate America. But early this month, the company sent employees an email saying they could carry up to five vacation days into next year, an apparent acknowledgment that many scrimped on days off amid the long hours and travel restrictions imposed by the pandemic. “The carry-over will be automatic, and there is nothing further you need to do,” the email said. Condé Nast was not alone in scrambling to make end-of-year arrangements for...

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H. Jack Geiger, Doctor Who Fought Social Ills, Dies at 95

Drawing physicians out of the clinic and into the political fray “was a really signal event,” said Dr. Robert Gould, a pathologist in San Francisco and president of the Bay Area chapter of Physicians for Social Responsibility. In an email for this obituary sent in 2012, Dr. Geiger said he was driven in part by an outrage over injustice. “I’ve been angry,” he wrote, “seeing terribly burned children in Iraq after the first Gulf war, or interviewing torture victims in the West Bank, or listening to Newt Gingrich say ghetto kids should learn to be part-time janitors and clean toilets (in another...

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Trump Signs Pandemic Relief Bill After Unemployment Aid Lapses

House Democrats plan on Monday to vote on legislation that would provide for $2,000 direct payments, with Speaker Nancy Pelosi saying Mr. Trump should “immediately call on congressional Republicans to end their obstruction” and support the measure. Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, the minority leader, said he would move to pass the bill in the Senate, but such a maneuver would require Republican support. But during the negotiations, Senate Republicans have resisted increasing the payments, citing concerns about the deficit. In a statement applauding the president’s signature, Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the majority leader, made no mention of the...

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How Heather Cox Richardson Became a Breakout Star on Substack

Dr. Richardson confounds many of the media’s assumptions about this moment. She built a huge and devoted following on Facebook, which is widely and often accurately viewed in media circles as a home of misinformation, and where most journalists don’t see their personal pages as meaningful channels for their work. She also contradicts the stereotype of Substack, which has become synonymous with offering new opportunities for individual writers to turn their social media followings into careers outside big media, and at times appears to be where purged ideological factions go to regroup. That’s true of Never Trump Republicans pushed out of...

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